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Feeling Blessed!

Posted on July 12 2015

wanted to say a big Thank you to Francine Marasco for coming up with the beautiful words to describe our newest business venture - The Clothes Studio
for the About Us page

We are friends. We are wives. We are mothers. We are business owners. We are calculated risk takers. We are independent. We are adventurous. We love clothes. We love style. We are changing the way you dress and shop!

A very enduring way to describe our friendship for many years and our love of seeing what is next! When Monica Pavon Chrysandreas and I came up with this idea I never would have imagined it leading into us learning about e commerce, dropshipping and web development / new sales channels etc but that is what is exactly what has happened proving you are never to old to learn or face your next challenge. With the clothes / jewerly ordered and the e commerce site almost ready to launch I feel blessed with the support around us as the opening of the boutique is right around the corner

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